Since 2004, Karma Dog Construction, Inc.—a design and build general contractor operated by brothers Preston and Micah Addisonhas executed exemplary residential and commercial work, prioritizing responsibly sourced materials, and employing an expert team of local, specialized labor.

Brothers Preston Addison and Micah Addison
40 Miles from Cloverdale

The firm is committed to projects within a 40-mile radius of its headquarters. Working close to home means a smaller carbon footprint and a stronger community.

Highly principled and driven by the ethics of sustainable building and design, Preston and Micah accomplish enduring, beautiful, detailed work every time.

Whether you have a small remodel, a medium-sized addition, or a ground-up design and build, Karma Dog principals Preston and Micah draw on deep relationships with their remarkable and holistic team of skilled experts to ensure you receive an optimal, precise, and custom solution for your needs and for the planet’s. 

The Karma Dog name reflects the girder of their promise: they give what they hope to receive. And, what they create and deliver will have long-lasting integrity.

Many of their clients are repeat clients for additional projects.

Preston Addison
Preston Addison


President | Owner

Preston launched Karma Dog Construction, Inc. in 2004 out of a desire to share his knowledge, practice, and passion of building sustainably. He and his brother Micah helped their parents build the family’s off-grid home on a ridge above Weaverville with a view of the Trinity Alps. The hands-on creative work and the remote mountain setting shaped and defined Preston. He spent a year as a high school exchange student in the small Norwegian town of Førde, where he worked with local craftsmen who became his de facto mentors. While pursuing his B.S. in Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution at UCSD, he returned to Norway for two semesters as well as studied in several other countries. After doing ecology field research he apprenticed for and learned from designer and builder Ross Molyneux. Then during the next decade he bridged his interests of science and construction while teaching high school biology and construction at Cloverdale High School.

As a biologist and lover of the mountains, I obviously embrace the natural world as a perfect model applicable anywhere, and you will see it keenly reflected in Karma Dog’s design and build work.”
-Preston Addison

Micah Addison


Vice President | Owner

Micah joined Karma Dog in 2013 to manage the firm’s growing project inventory, ensuring subcontractors and employees meet deadlines safely and that results exceed expectations. For the prior decade, he was a project manager at engineering and construction firm Western Water where he oversaw multi-million dollar municipal projects. Earlier in his career as a designer and builder, he apprenticed with Jim Gruenholz at Frog’s Hair Finishes, working as a foreman for four years in cabinetry finishing. 

Micah’s childhood living off the grid in a home he helped to build in the mountains of Trinity County prepared him for the work he loves and excels at today. 

When not managing the schedule, updating safety protocols, or gathering feedback from clients, he can be found on his motorcycle above the Bishop hills or hula hooping with his daughter Becka.

“Without equivocation, you have to build sustainably to live sustainably.”

– Micah Addison



Executive Assistant/Bookkeeper

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant

Design Assistant

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